How to set up a disclaimer message in the Control Panel


How to set up a disclaimer message in the Control Panel.


  • You must have a Sherweb Hosted Exchange account.
  • You must purchase the Disclaimer service with Sherweb.

How to

1) Log into the Control Panel.


2) Click on Edit Disclaimer, located in the Exchange section under Tasks.



3) Check the box next to Enabled to enable the disclaimer.



4) Choose to either Append or Prepend the disclaimer from the Location dropdown menu.



5) Choose one of the following actions, from the Fallback action dropdown menu, if a disclaimer is not able to be added to the message:

Wrap: This action will add the disclaimer as an attachment to the message.

Ignore: This action will send the message without the disclaimer.

Reject: This action will prevent the message being sent.



6) Add your disclaimer in the Text box. Notice that you can add HTML in the Text box.



7) Click on Save.



Feel free to contact us for any other questions.

Applicable to

All Sherweb Hosted Exchange accounts.