How to migrate public folder data from another provider to Sherweb (Exchange 2016)


This guide will show you how to migrate public folder data from another provider to Sherweb.


a hosted Exchange 2016 account with Sherweb

owner permissions on the former provider's public folder data

How to

  1. From your existing provider's outlook profile, move the public folder data from the public folder to a personal mailbox folder.
  2. Export the content of the folder to a pst file.
  3. Import the pst file data to a Sherweb Exchange profile folder.
  4. Move the data to your Sherweb public folder. You may assign permissions on the data at this point.

Administrative users must never change the default settings of the Anonymous and Default permission groups. Changing the default value “None” to any other value will result in exposing the content of your Public Folder to everyone in our environment. As a safety measure, our system automatically runs a script every few minutes to reset the value of the Default and Anonymous permission groups back to “None”.

Applicable to

All Sherweb hosted Exchange 2016 accounts