How to prevent Outlook from connecting to the wrong Autodiscover server when you have a website managed on CPanel


This guide explains how to correct an issue where your Autodiscover is redirecting to an .xml file on the wrong server, your website is managed on cPanel and you use the same domain name for email.


You must have a Hosted Exchange or Office 365 account, and a website with the same domain name and managed on CPanel. 

How to 

Autodiscover is an Exchange service that, among other things, automatically configures account settings in Outlook. It is responsible for these Outlook features:

  • Automatically creating profiles by pushing server settings
  • Downloading the Offline Address Book (OAB)
  • Configuring Out-of-Office
  • Permissions
  • Folder sharing
  • Auto-mapping of shared mailboxes
  • Access to Public Folders


In the case of Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019, Autodiscover is not only helpful: it is required, as the option to manually create an Exchange/Office 365 account has been removed.


In order for Outlook to reach Autodiscover, a DNS entry must be added in your domain’s public DNS. Refer to the guides below to learn more.

How to add an autodiscover record in your DNS zone

Why is my Autodiscover pointing to an .xml file on the wrong server?

Some web hosting companies use a control panel called cPanel, where their customers manage their websites and domain names.


If you have both a website and Hosted Exchange or Office 365 email with the same domain name, and are using cPanel to manage your website and DNS records, sometimes Outlook can be redirected to an Autodiscover source other than your Exchange server or Office 365. That’s because, by default, some web hosting companies redirect Outlook back to an Autodiscover .xml file on their own server, instead of to the Autodiscover server you specified in your A record.


Ex 1:

Ex 2:

How can I fix it? 

The solution is simple; however, you may need to consult with your web hosting provider’s support team, or their online support guides.


In the DNS portion of cPanel:


1. Navigate to your MX records

2. In the Email Routing section, select Remote Mail Exchange

3. Click CHANGE (or OK, or SAVE, depending on the provider)


There may be a delay in propagation time, depending on the provider. 

Are there other reasons I could be getting this error? 

Yes. There are several reasons this could be happening, however the above scenario is a common one.


If this solution does not apply to your situation, please contact our support team.  

Applicable to

Anyone with a Hosted Exchange or Office 365 account and a website with the same domain name managed on CPanel whose Autodiscover in being redirected to an .xml file on the wrong server.