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How to

Microsoft 365 sends security events to Office Protect. Everything from the creation of a new user, to logging in from a new IP address or device creates an event. Office Protect, based on different settings throughout the app, then sends you emails notifying you of these events.


If you feel that you are receiving too many notifications, you can decrease the number of events that trigger a notification by modifying some of your settings.

The Monitor

The Office Protect Monitor allows you to configure the events you want to monitor and define the recipients of Alerts and Digests.


Alerts report events with immediate security impact for your tenant. They are sent as they happen.


Digests are recaps of recent events and can be used to compile for your review. They are sent at regular intervals.


All events are accessible in the REPORT section.


To learn how to configure the Monitor, consult the "Configuring Monitor in Office Protect" article.

Ignore Events

The Report tab in Office Protect contains a list of events flagged by Microsoft 365. Office Protect displays these events in one of two categories: unignored and ignored.


Events appearing in the unignored list are included in email Alerts.

Events appearing in the ignored list are not included in email Alerts.


To learn how to ignore events in the REPORT tab, visit the "Ignoring and unignoring events in Office Protect" article.


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