How to setup the ADSync job


How to setup the ADSync job.


  • Make sure you have followed the steps in the How to install ADSync on your server(s) guide first.
  • Make sure the user is able to connect to our Control Panel.
  • Make sure all your Active Directory (AD) users have compatible User Principle Names (UPN). Valid UPNs are not empty, have no special characters and have no spaces in them.

How to

1) Log onto your Master AD server. From the start menu, navigate to the ADSync folder and right-click ADSync Configuration Tool. Select Run as administrator.


Note: Running the tool as an administrator is mandatory.




2) Under the ADSync Configuration tab, enter your defaultuser username, password and organization name in the Remote Settings section. It must be consistent with the information in your Control Panel. Check the box Enable ADSync synchronization; the fields should auto-populate.




3) Click on Add synchronization OU.




4) Click on Browse AD.




5) Select the AD root of your choice and then click on OK.




6) Click on the Recursive box and then click on the Refresh preview button. When all the AD objects appear, click on Add.




7) Under the Notification Configuration tab, check the box Activate email notification on critical errors if you wish to be notified of critical errors. Enter all your SMTP server information in the relevant fields. Click on Send test email to make sure the email notifications go out correctly.

Note: Depending on your email system configuration, SSL (TLS) authentication may not work. Do not select this setting if you're not sure about your configuration. For instance, our SMTP servers don't allow TLS connections.




8) Under the ADSync Logs tab, click on Refresh to keep track of what ADSync is doing. The filter field will only show you entries depending on their type “Error, Information, Warning and All”.




9) Under the Forest Activity Logs tab, click on Refresh to view all password reset activity across your various AD servers.




10) Under the Status tab, click on Clear list to get rid of the log of all the tasks that have been running on ADSync.




Feel free to contact us for any other questions.