Letsignit – Deployment Options

It is possible to deploy Letsignit in three different ways:

1. On Outlook Desktop

  • Signature is directly published in the Outlook signature catalogue
  • The signature can be seen while composing an email
  • Update signatures in real time
  • Automatically authorize O365 users (seamless SSO)
  • Modify the users’ information in the App (configurable)
  • Multi-signatures and specific signatures for reply/forward emails

2. On Office 365 (Webmail) and Google Workspace

  • Quick activation via the secured push API of Letsignit
  • Direct publication of the signature in O365 / Google Workspace user’s directory
  • See the signature while composing an email

3.  O365 SMTP Connector

  • Quick activation via the SMTP Office 365 connector
  • Covers all emails sent from any device
  • Insertion of signature by passing through the regional Letsignit Azure servers
  • Signature cannot be modified by the user
  • DKIM


More information is available in this article.