Letsignit – Deployment Options

It is possible to deploy Letsignit in three different ways:

1. On Outlook Desktop

  1. Signature is directly published in the Outlook signature catalogue
  2. The signature can be seen while composing an email
  3. Update signatures in real time
  4. Automatically authorize O365 users (seamless SSO)
  5. Modify the users’ information in the App (configurable)
  6. Multi-signatures and specific signatures for reply/forward emails

2. On Office 365 (Webmail) and G-Suite

  1. Quick activation via the secured push API of Letsignit
  2. Direct publication of the signature in O365 / G-Suite user’s directory
  3. See the signature while composing an email

3.  O365 SMTP Connector

  1. Quick activation via the SMTP Office 365 connector
  2. Covers all emails sent from any device
  3. Insertion of signature by passing through the regional Letsignit Azure servers
  4. Signature cannot be modified by the user
  5. DKIM


More information is available in this article.