Advanced Report provides an error code along with details in case of a report failure. Simply click on the failed report in the Report History to get the details.

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Supported Errors

  • Missing Permissions should only be for tenants that are not accessing Office Protect through the Partner Portal. It means that the Office Protect application requires more permissions to properly return data. A user with the Global Admin role can grant these permissions without any intervention from the Office Protect team. We included a link to a guide to grant Office Protect new permissions in a downloadable format directly in the error message or consult the "Advanced Report - How to update Office Protect Permissions" article. 
  • Unauthorized should only be returned for tenants accessing Office Protect through the Partner Portal. These can happen in the case that permissions are not properly granted to the organization. These need to be investigated by the Office Protect Team.
  • Microsoft API Error can happen in case of a timeout or a Microsoft outage, these should only be temporary, and we encourage users to try running a report again after a few minutes.
  • Unknown Error returns an unsupported error and will require an investigation by the Office Protect team.

To ensure that the Office Protect team has all the information needed, please provide the Error message along with the Generation ID.