Error while importing virtual appliance (OVA/OVF) in Performance Cloud VMware (NSX-T)

Description of the issue

vCloud Director in Performance Cloud VMware does not allow you to upload your virtual appliance.

Possible cause

If your virtual appliance contains configurations called “ExtraConfig” within the configuration definition file, vCloud Director will prevent you from uploading it. This is currently blocked by VMware as those configurations can pose a security risk.


Please check with the appliance vendor if these configuration elements are needed and remove them from your configuration file. Most of the time, they are not a requirement for the virtual appliance to work. To remove these configurations, simply edit the “.OVF” file to remove all lines that contain “vmw:ExtraConfig” (see below).


Before changes :


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After changes :

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If those configurations must be left in the manifest of the virtual appliance, please contact our Cloud Support team to have the virtual appliance uploaded by another means. Sherweb will proceed only if the appliance is from a trusted vendor.