Each time Office Protect detects a change in your Microsoft 365 configuration and automatically reapplies the setting, this alert is generated.

Affected settings, if enabled on your tenant (see Set section): 

  • Audit Logs Always-On, 
  • Exchange Scripting (Powershell) Access, 
  • Flag Phishing Emails using Tenant Domain or Staff Name
  • Mailbox Audit Logs Always-On.

If Office Protect cannot automatically reapply the setting, you will also be alerted. However, changes applied from Office Protect will not trigger the alert.

Note about Mailbox Audit Logs and Exchange Scripting (Powershell) Access

These settings being user-based, creating users can trigger the alert as Office Protect needs to reapply your configuration if the new user's default value is not the one you selected in your Office Protect configuration. The list of concerned user is available in the alert description.

These alerts were previously generated through the Microsoft 365 setting changed outside Office Protect alerts. 
When enabling this new alert, Office Protect will apply in the Monitor section the same Alert and Digest configuration you set on Microsoft 365 setting changed outside Office Protect alerts.