How to convert contacts to Sherweb hosted Exchange mailboxes


This guide will show you how to convert contact to Sherweb hosted Exchange mailboxes.


At least one Sherweb hosted Exchange account.

Note: This procedure targets the customers who want to migrate their messaging accounts from another hosting provider to Exchange accounts hosted at Sherweb. It assumes you already created contacts with the e-mail addresses that will be migrated to Sherweb.

How to

1. Log into the Control Panel.


2. In the Tasks list, under the Exchange section, click on Manage contacts.


3. In the contacts list, identify the contacts to migrate, then click on Convert  to mailbox.


4. Fill the Password field.

Select the Plan in the dropdown list. You may also modify the email address in the Default email fields.

If necessary, indicate a forward email address in the Forwards to field, or  check the Activate BlackBerry device.
You may also click on Advanced mailbox settings to enter more details.

Finally, click on Convert


5.  A message confirms the conversion was successful. 


Applicable to

All Sherweb hosted Exchange accounts