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How to create and delete a virtual machine


This guide will show you how to create, modify and delete a VM in Sherweb Performance Cloud.


You must be a Sherweb Performance Cloud client.

How to

1.    Open a web browser and go here:

Create a VM

2.    In the bottom left corner of the window, click on NEW. Click on Standalone Virtual Machine, then click on Quick Create.



3.    Enter a name for your VM in the Name field. Enter a password to access the VM in the New Password field and then confirm the password in the Confirm field. Click on Create VM Instance.



4.    Please note that creating a VM is not an instant process and may take some time. Check the status of the creation process in the Status column as well as in the animated icon at the bottom right of the window.



Modify a VM

5.    Click on your Virtual Machine.



6.    Click on Configure.



7.    Choose the size template you wish and then click on Save.


Note: Detaching a disk will delete all the data it contains.


Delete a VM

8.    Click on the VM you wish to delete.



9.    Click on Delete at the bottom of the screen.



10.    Click on Yes.



Applicable to

All Sherweb Performance Cloud accounts.