How to access a resource mailbox (equipment or room) in OWA


This guide explains how a delegate accesses a resource mailbox (room or equipment) calendar and responds to meeting requests in Outlook Web App.


A Sherweb hosted Exchange account.

You are a delegate for the resource mailbox you want to access.

Note: During its creation process in the Control Panel, selecting Activate resource booking attendant sets the resource mailbox to auto-accept meetings and automatically resolve booking conflicts. The delegates can still manually decline meetings or do any other actions from the added calendar like: propose new time, approve (in case of a conflict between multiple meetings).


Note: Resource mailboxes cannot be accessed directly using Outlook Web App. The only way to open a resource mailbox in OWA is to open it from a delegate's mailbox.

How to

1. In your Outlook Web App session, click on your name, and then on Open another mailbox.


2. In the search box, type the name of the resource for which you are a delegate.


Note: you can click on Search contacts and directory to directly pick the room name from a list based on your research criteria.


3. Once you’ve selected the resource mailbox or when its name has been verified, click on Open.


Note: You may have to select the language and time zone for the resource mailbox. Proceed, then click save.


4. The resource mailbox opens in a new tab, click on Calendar, and select the period of time to display (Day, Work week, Week, Month). All invitations received by the resource mailbox are displayed.


5. Inside the resource calendar, locate the desired invitation. You can either click, right-click or double-click on it for more actions.
Note that the meeting request will appear with the subject changed to the organizer’s name.


6. Opening the meeting request, you will see an informative message indicating the status of the invitation (Accepted, Declined or Tentative) with the name of the delegate who responded (if not the resource itself).


7. Once you’re done with managing the meeting requests, simply click on the resource name, then on Sign out.

Note: The organizer receives a notification any time the status is updated by a delegate.


If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Applicable to

All Sherweb hosted Exchange accounts