How to manage your DNS settings in the Control Panel


This guide will help you manage your DNS settings via the Control Panel.


You must have a Hosted Exchange account with Sherweb.

You must point your NS records to Sherweb or the internet will not know to use the records you setup here.

Values to use: and

You must request DNS management from Sherweb by contacting our support department.

How to

1. Log in to the Control Panel.


2. In the Tasks column, under the DNS header, click on Zones.



3. Click on Create a new zone.



4. Enter the domain name in the field and then click on Save.



5. To add, remove or edit records, click on Edit records.



6. Click on Create a new record.



7. Choose the type of record to create from the dropdown menu. Enter a name for the record and the value of the record in the appropriate fields and then click on Save.



8. Click on Edit to edit a record or click on Delete to delete a record.


Applicable to

All Hosted Exchange accounts with Sherweb.