Exchange Online Mode Recommendations


This article lists the recommended settings for Outlook to run an Exchange mailbox in Online Mode.


You must have a Hosted Exchange or Office 365 account with Sherweb.

You are using the Outlook 2013 client.

How to

For an optimal behavior of Outlook 2013 when accessing your Exchange 2013 mailbox in Online Mode


1. Follow these instructions to disable hardware graphics acceleration.


2. Make sure your Outlook client profile is set as instructed in steps 12, 13 and 14 of this procedure.


3. Verify the list of Active Applications Add-Ins, keeping only the ones that are necessary. In Outlook, click on FILE menu, then Options, and select the Add-Ins tab.


Exchange Modes Comparison



Note: Use Outlook 2013 in "hybrid" mode on a PC with very limited disk space (Cached Mode for newer items, Online Mode for older ones).


Applicable to

All Sherweb Hosted Exchange accounts