How to create a public folder in the Control Panel


This guide will show you how to create a root public folder from your Control Panel, and subfolders in Outlook.


A Sherweb hosted Exchange account

You should be the organization administrator

Administrative users must never change the default settings of the Anonymous and Default permission groups. Changing the default value “none” to any other value will result in exposing the content of your Public Folder to everyone in our environment. As a safety measure, our system automatically runs a script every few minutes to reset the value of the Default and Anonymous permission groups back to “None”.

How to

1. Log into the Control Panel.


2. Click on Create public folder, located in the Exchange section under Tasks.



3. Click on Yes to confirm the creation.



4. A message indicates the creation is successful. Before further steps, allow around half an hour for the new public folder information to propagate in the system. 



Create subfolders

1. Open Outlook with an organization administrator account.


2. On the bottom left of the main Outlook window, click on the Folder List icon.


3. The Public folders are now listed. Expand the All Public Folders, and browse to the organization root folder (or to the folder you would like to create a subfolder in).


4. Right-click it, and select New Folder.



5. Enter the subfolder name and click OK.



6. Once the subfolder appears in the tree, right-click it and choose Properties.



7. You will be able to configure the permissions in the Permissions tab.

Don't change any of the permissions for the users and groups listed by default in the Permissions tab!


8. If you need to add an individual user, click the Add button, browse to the address list, select the user, click Add then OK.



9. Arrange the permissions for each individual user by selecting the name in the list and choosing the role in the Permission Level drop-down field. Click on Apply



10. Click on OK


If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Applicable to

All Sherweb hosted Exchange accounts