How to Add or Remove a User in Proofpoint


This article explains how a Proofpoint user may add or remove other users.


You must have a Proofpoint account with Sherweb.

How to

1. To add a user, first click on the tab called Users under User Management.


2. Click on the button that says Add a User.


3. Fill in the required user information in the various fields. These include the first name and surname of the user, their primary email address, role and mobile number.



4. Click the Save button.


* You can also add users and groups through the AAD or local AD Integration, or CSV upload. Distribution groups should be created in the Functional Accounts tab.


5. Users can only be added if their domain address has already been registered.


6. Upon adding a user, they will automatically be sent a welcome email along with instructions on how to set their own password.


Applicable to

All Proofpoint accounts.