How to Create a Filter in Proofpoint


This article explains the process of creating a new filter in Proofpoint.


You must have a Proofpoint account with Sherweb.

How to

1. After logging in, click on the Email tab and then the Filter Policies tab.


2. Select the Outbound tab and then New Filter.



4. A window will pop up. Enter the name of your new filter and choose Outbound.


5. Click Continue to proceed to the next screen.


6. Next, choose the scope for the filter.


Company applies to every licensed user associated with the company.

Group applies to a particular user group.

User applies to a single user.


7. Add any conditions you would like to apply to your filter using the conditions drop down menus.



8. Enter any operator options for the conditions, which will vary depending on the condition you have selected. You may also need to enter a value for the condition.


9. To add another condition, click the ADD ANOTHER CONDITION button.



10. Next, select the action for your filter.


Quarantine is for filters that stop email from being delivered to the recipient.

Allow is used for an allow list, that makes sure email reaches a certain group.

Nothing is for filters where you do not want the destination to be influenced.

Encrypt is for encrypting emails that fulfill the conditions you have specified.

11. You can add multiple actions with the ADD ANOTHER ACTION button. This will give you more action options to choose from.


12. The box on the right side of the screen allows you the option of adding a description to your filter if you wish.



13. Once you have finished filling in the page, click Save.



Applicable to

All Proofpoint accounts.