How to activate your Online Backup admin user account


This guide will explain how to activate a newly created Online Backup admin user account


Your Online Backup services must have been added in the Partner Portal. If your service has not yet been added, please contact our sales department.

How to

1. When Online Backup is added to an organization in the Partner Portal, an Online Backup admin user is automatically created in the Online Backup service. Before you can get started backing up your data or creating other user accounts, your admin user account must first be activated. If you are the administrator in the Partner Portal, you will receive an activation email. Take note of your login ID, and click activate account.


Note: if you did not receive an activation email, return to the Partner Portal and select manage services. This will redirect you to the account activation page of the Online Backup portal, where you can continue to step 2 of this guide.


2. You will be redirected to the account activation webpage. Create your password, and click activate account. The password you create must meet the complexity requirements:


  • At least six characters
• Both uppercase and lowercase letters
                    • At least one digit



3. Before you can begin, you must accept the End-User License Agreement. If you agree, check the box “I accept the End-User License Agreement” and click Let’s Start.



If you have any question, please browse our other FAQs, or contact us directly.

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Newly created Online Backup admin user accounts