How to use the Sherweb archiver


This guide explains the basic functions of the Sherweb Archiver


You must have an email archiving account with Sherweb. 

How to

 Logging in


The Archiver URL is found in the Sherweb Control Panel in the URLs section under HOSTING ADMINISTRATION INFORMATION.



By default, the username is admin@[], but additional users can be created.

To review or modify any archiving user (add, delete, change password), select Manage users under the Archiving section in the right-hand column of the Sherweb Control Panel.





The default search page is a ‘Simple search’, but other filtering options are available.



When you move your mouse over the Search tab, you can select either Simple Search, or for more options, the Advanced Search.

Use the filters to choose your search criteria and click Search.






You can export your search results, if you wish, by clicking Export to a downloadable file.



Choose a file format from the File format dropdown menu. Click Yes.



Note: Archived or Journaled messages are exported as Journal Reports using a method called Envelope Journaling. An enveloped journal report looks essentially like an email and contains an unaltered attachment of the original message, as well as related information such as the sender email address, message subject, message-ID, and recipient email addresses. Please note that if you choose to check the box Remove Journaling Envelope, the wait time for your export will be much longer.


Click Download



Note: Depending on your search scope, the Archiver may choose to prepare your download in multiple .pst files. (Ex: If the search criteria covers a long period or if the results contain an elevated number of emails.) This may cause delays in the speed of your download.


The Exporting Tasks tab displays ongoing and finished export jobs.





The Audits section, found under the Administration tab, shows logs of which user has performed which task in the Archiver, including logins to the system. You can filter by date range and user.




Archived Mailboxes


The Archived mailboxes section, found under the Administration tab, shows a list of currently archived mailboxes.


Note: This list may contain mailboxes that no longer exist in the Sherweb Control Panel. Deleting a mailbox from the Exchange server does not automatically delete the associated archived mailbox. Archived mailboxes are deleted only upon request from the Account Holder. The action is not reversible.


Office 365 customers using either Sherweb or In-house archiving will not see a list of their archived mailboxes, but can still search by sender and recipient to find archived content for a specific mailbox.



Execution logs


The Execution log, found under the Administration tab, shows actions taken by the Archiving system, itself.



If you have any question, please browse our other FAQs, or contact us directly.

Applicable to

All archiving administrative users