How to add an image to a signature in OWA 2016


This guide explains how to add an image to your signature in OWA 2016.


You must have an Exchange 2016 mailbox with Outlook Web App (OWA) enabled.

How to

1. Log in to your webmail.


2. Select the gear icon and then options.


3. Select Mail in the left-hand column, then under Layout, select Email signature.


4. Select the image icon.

Alternatively, using an internet browser, you can navigate to the image you wish to use, right-click and copy it, then paste it in the signature box in OWA. If you’ve chosen this method, skip to step 6 once completed.



5. Navigate on your computer to the image you wish to use and choose open.



6. If the image you’ve chosen is too large, use a smaller version.


7. Click Save.

Optional: Choose whether to automatically include your signature on new messages, as well as on messages that you forward or reply to.



8. If you’ve chosen not to include your signature on new messages, you can add it manually when composing a message by selecting the menu and choosing Insert signature.



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Applicable to

All OWA-enabled Exchange 2016 mailboxes