Advanced Report is a tool integrated in Office Protect to report on key data in your Microsoft 365 environment. We leveraged the information Office Protect has on your client and our knowledge on Microsoft 365 to curate reports on Exchange, Azure AD, Exchange and SharePoint. Simply pick your report, pick your client, and get the data!

You can create a new report through the Report Manager by clicking on New Report. From the New Report page, you can select reports and tenants you want to report on. 

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Select a Report field can be filtered by keywords. In this example, the user typed “Azure AD” to have a list of the available Azure AD reports.

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Select Tenants allows you to select multiple tenants to report on simultaneously. The resulting report will include data from both tenants. Advanced Reporting is designed to keep data secure; a user will only be able to see the data within the report to the tenants he has access to.

In this example, a report is running for OPStandard and OPTestStaging. If this report is shared to a user who only has access to OPStandard, they will only see data for OPStandard, with no notion of OPTestStaging.


Schedule Generation has the following options: 

  • One-Time runs the report immediately. We schedule a report run every 5 minutes; the report will be scheduled for the next run. 
  • Daily allows you to schedule reports daily, or on specific days of the week.
  • Weekly allows you to schedule reports weekly, you can define on which day of the week you want the report to be executed.
  • Monthly allows you to schedule reports monthly, you can define if you want the report run on the first day of the month, the last day of the month, or on a specific day.
  • Yearly allows you to schedule a report yearly, you can define on which day of the year you want the report to be executed.

Reports with historical data will require you to fill out the From/To field, that will define for what time range you want to report to be executed. Most of our reports are snapshots of the current state of your tenant, but some of them contain historical data that requires Start Date and an End Date. Some reports have limitations in terms of historical data. For instance, User Mailbox Activity is limited to 28 days. The limit will be displayed for each historical report.

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Note on Preferred Time: the time to which the report will be generated may vary due to the generation load but will be generated in a reasonable amount of time following the configured preferred time value.

Send Report Notification When Available allows the user to be notified when a report is created, or to notify other users that have access to one or multiple tenants included in the report. Again, privacy is our priority: a notified user will only be able to read data they have access to, no matter how many tenants the report was generated for.

Once you are done configuring your report, click on Generate. This will take you to the Report History, where you can follow up on your request’s status. If you created a schedule, the Report Manager will take you back to the Schedule Manager, if you created a one-time report, you will be taken back to the Report History.