Performance Cloud VMware - Upgrade the Edge Gateway 


Here are the steps to upgrade your Edge Gateway to the latest version. 

Important Notes 

Please plan a short maintenance window as there will be a downtime of approximately 5 minutes while upgrading the Edge Gateway (The network and VPN tunnels will be impacted).

Sherweb may display a message on the Performance Cloud VMware portal for a period of time or send communications when updates are available. Subsequently, no mention will be displayed to mention whether or not the Edge Gateway in place is using an older version.

The Edge gateway configuration will be kept (Site-to-Site VPN, Point-to-Site VPN, Firewall rules, NAT rules).


  1. Login to your Performance Cloud VMWare portal with your credentials 

  2. Click on your virtual datacenter

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  3. Go to Networking -> Edges

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  4.  Select your Edge Gateway and click on REDEPLOY

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  5.  Confirm Redeploy by clicking REDEPLOY

  6. Wait until the redeployment is completed.

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  7. At this point, everything should be back to normal operations using your Edge Gateway with the latest available version.