Performance Cloud VMware – How to create a virtual network


To execute this procedure, we assume there is a vApp in place. If not, here is the article to create a vApp.

Create a new virtual network

  1. Login to the Performance Cloud VMware portal using your credentials.
  2. Select your virtual datacenter.

  3. Go to Networking -> Networks. Click on NEW

  4. Then, on the new organization wizard window, click on NEXT for the scope

  5. Select the Routed network type (unless you want to create a fully isolated network without Internet connectivity) and click on NEXT.

  6. Select your Edge Gateway, leave default settings and click on NEXT

  7. In the General section, enter the internal subnet information: 
    • Name: Enter the name for the new virtual network
    • Gateway CIDR: Enter the desired gateway IP address for the new private network subnet and subnet mask.
      Example below: will be the IP address for the new internal gateway in the subnet.
    • Optional: Add a description (useful when many network are presents)

  8. Configure IP addresses assigned for the new virtual network.

    NOTE: If you prefer to use DHCP for IP assignments, leave the Static IP Pools settings blank. Also, you will need to configure DHCP on your edge gateway.
    • For this example, we used a Static IP Pool for IP addresses assigned on the virtual network for the new subnet.
      1. Enter the Static IP Pool range: -
      2. Click on ADD, then on NEXT.

  9. On the DNS section, disable to use the Edge DNS. 

    Then, you can enter external IP addresses like Cloudflare ( or internal IP addresses (for Domain Controllers) for this new network.


    Then, click on NEXT.


  10. Review and click on FINISH.


Add the new virtual network to a vApp

  1. Go to Compute -> vApps.

  2. Choose the vApp where you want to use the new network, select ACTIONS -> Add, Add Network.

  3. Select the type Direct, then select the desired virtual network from the list and click on ADD.

  4. The network is now attached to the vApp.

    Repeat steps 2 to 4 to add a new network on additional vApp(s).