Nested Virtualization in Performance Cloud VMware


Some use cases require exposing hardware assisted virtualization which is also known as Nested Virtualization or Intel VT-x. This service is available in Performance Cloud VMware, here is a guide on how to enable this feature.


Although the feature is available, we do not suggest using the feature in a production environment. Sherweb will not provide support for any issues after enabling this feature on your virtual machines.

How to

  1. Login to your Performance Cloud VMware tenant using your credentials.
  2. Turn off the virtual machine where you want to enable this feature.
  3. Open the details pane of your virtual machine.

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  4. Under Hardware, go into the Compute section.
    Then, click on EDIT.

  5. Toggle the switch labeled “Expose hardware-assisted CPU Virtualization to guest OS

  6. Click SAVE

  7. Turn on the virtual machine