How to delete a bucket on Cloud Object Storage powered by Wasabi

Important Notes

  • All objects stored with the Wasabi service are subject to Wasabi's minimum 30 days storage policy (which applies even if the objects are deleted).

  • Deleted buckets also count against your storage account usage as long as the Wasabi's storage policy is active.

  • If Bucket Logging is enabled, deleting buckets removes related bucket log files too.
  • Deleting a bucket removes all objects stored in the bucket.

  • If you try to delete a bucket with Object Locking enabled, the rename will fail until there is an active retention.

  • Non-empty compliance buckets cannot be deleted.

  • Inappropriate use of the Compliance feature will restrict your ability to delete storage buckets and associated files, which will result in storage charges for these objects.


  1. Login to the Wasabi console using your credentials (using the root account or a sub-user with Administrator Access).

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  2. Go into the Buckets section.

    Then, identify the bucket to delete from the bucket list or use the search field if you have many buckets.

    Click on the Kebab Menu under Actions and select Delete.

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  3. Confirm the bucket deletion by typing the bucket name to delete and click on DELETE.

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    If files or folders are present in the bucket, click on DELETE again to force files deletion.

    However, this operation will fail with Object Locking enabled on the bucket until there is an active retention.

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