How to create groups and assign policies for Cloud Object Storage powered by Wasabi


Leveraging groups is a good way to manage multiple users at once.

Each user group can be associated with policies to define actions that the group members can perform.


  1. Login to the Wasabi console using your credentials (using the root account or a sub-user with Administrator Access).

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  2. Go to the Groups section and click on CREATE GROUP

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  3. Enter the desired Group Name and click on SAVE.
    In this example, we create a group for all Systems Administrators.

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  4. Click on the newly created group.

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  5. Go to the Policies section

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  6. Select one or more policies from the commonly used policies list or use the search field to add policies to the group.

    In this example, one (1) built-in policy and one (1) custom policy are chosen for the SYSADMINS group.

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    For more information on Policies, please review the provider documentation: