You are needing to invite an external user as delegate whos email is not backed up in the backup platform, but need them to access certain portions of the backup platform. 


This is the requirements to be able to invite an external user.

  • You will need one of the following accesses
    • Full Admin
    • IT Admin
  • The email of the external user you wish to add

Adding an External User

This section will explain the process to add the external user to the Dropsuite platform to allow them access to the permissions you grant to their user. It is also highly recommended when adding an external user to be sure to read the "Important Mentions" section of this document.

  1. Log into the Dropsuite platform using your admin credentials.

  2. Select your user in the the top right corner of the dashboard, and then "User Management".

  3. Select "Grant Permission".

  4. Next, select "Add User" on the right hand side of the page.

  5. On the next screen you will First need to enter the external user's email, and select the role you wish for them to have in the backup platform.

  6. Review the terms and then select "I agree with this term", and select "Invite".

  7. Once you have selected invite, a login link will be sent to the invited user with a link to reset their password. Take note that this link will expire 24 hours later.
  8. When the invitation is accepted, the user will then appear under the "Grant Permission" section.

Important Mentions

Important things to note when inviting external users:

  • Depending on what role you have selected for the external user, they may have access to sensitive data. Always be sure that the proper role is assigned to the user to prevent information being visible that should not be. If you are unsure of what each access level includes, please reference this guide.
  • External user's data will not be backed up as all internal user's data is.
  • It is possible for the same external user to be added as an external user in a different Dropsuite account.
  • In the "Grant Permission" section, external users will be marked with an orange band to the left of their username.
  • It is not possible to transfer ownership to a delegate user.
  • All user activity, including delegate user's will be visible in the audit logs.
  • If at any point you need to remove the login access to a delegate user, you can do so by toggling their "Login Status".
  • It is not possible to delete a delegate user, the only option is to revoke their access.