You need to set a retention policy for messages from a saved eDiscovery search.


This section lists the requirements to be able to set up a retention policy.

  • One of the following Dropsuite dashboard accesses:
    • Full Admin
    • Group Supervisor (This will only work for users that are within the group they are an admin of)
    • IT Admin
    • Compliance and Review Officer
    • Data Protection Officer


Saved Search Retention Policy

This section will explain how to create and remove a policy for an existing saved eDiscovery search of emails.

Creating the retention policy

  1. Login to the backup dashboard using the proper access level.

  2. Hover over the compliance tab, and then select "Retention Policy".

  3. On the next page select the "Message Level" tab and then select "+Add Policy".

  4. On the select saved search drop down, select the saved search you need to add a retention policy to.

  5. Next, select the retention period that you need for the saved search. You can select between 1 month to 11 years or unlimited to never have the data permanently deleted.

  6. Following this you will need to read the disclaimer, agree to the terms and select "Save".

  7. By hovering over the orange test, you can view the retention policy set.

Removing the policy from an email

  1. In the list of emails with a retention policy set, select the checkbox beside the email you wish to remove the retention policy from.

  2. Next, select the "Remove Policy" button in the bottom right hand corner.

  3. On the next pop up window, select "Yes" that you would like to remove the policy from this message.

  4. You can then see in the list of emails that the retention policy has bee removed.

Important Mentions

Important things to note when creating retention policies.

  • More than one policy can be applied to an email account, the system will automatically go with the policy with the longest retention period.
  • Once a retention policy has deleted an email, there is no way to retrieve it. The only option would be if the email is still in the mailbox itself in which case it would be backed up again.
  • The default retention policy is unlimited. This would mean that by default, all data is kept forever.
  • Retention periods are calculated based off of when the email was received in the mailbox. This means that the start of the retention date does not start when the email was copied to the archive.
  • The policy applies as soon as it is created.
  • Data is deleted within 24 hours after the retention period has expired.