Is Windows 2008 / 2008 R2 supported with Performance Cloud VMware (NSX-T)?


VMware has different levels of support: Supported, Legacy, and Deprecated. See descriptions of support levels on VMware KB 2015161. Windows 2008 support level is “Legacy” while Windows 2008 R2 is “Supported”.


Until further notice, Windows 2008 R2 should be fully functional and in case of an issue that could be related to infrastructure or VMware Tools and drivers, Sherweb can escalate to VMware’s support if needed. As for Windows 2008, OS agnostic features such as suspending, resuming, powering on or off, performing snapshots and such should continue to work. As for features within the guest operating system, they may stop working or experience bugs and there may be no fix or solution in such scenario.


Please note that “Supported” does not mean that Sherweb will perform any kind of support within the guest operating system. If a virtual server guest operating system is running and has network connectivity, it is deemed working from a VMware perspective. Sherweb will assist to rule out infrastructure, VMware Tools or drivers’ issues if needed by guiding you through the process.


Sherweb is not offering virtual machine templates or ISO file for a new Windows 2008 / 2008 R2 deployment. You would need to import your current virtual machine(s) or upload your own ISO file in your library to setup the virtual machine with your own license (BYOL).