Whether you want to transfer one site or 100, five endpoints or 5000, Sherweb has a team of transfer experts ready to move your SentinelOne business to Sherweb as painlessly as possible.

Because of the way SentinelOne’s environment is built, it is not possible to move accounts, sites and endpoints from CSP to CSP by simply reparenting them: these transfers require a bit more heavy lifting.

Our team will accompany and guide you the whole way—from start to finish—so that you can start off your SentinelOne journey with Sherweb on the right foot and with confidence.

How does it work?

Step 1. Speak with your Sales Representative

Start by speaking with one of our Sales representatives—they will assess your needs with you and when you’re ready, they’ll create a transfer request on your behalf. 

You’ll receive an email with further instructions, and a transfer technician will contact you within a few days.

You can find your Sales Representative in the top right-hand corner of Cumulus by selecting Support > Your Account Manager Team.

Step 2. Initial planning meeting

You’ll meet with your transfer technician and sales representative to learn more about the transfer, get answers to any questions you may have, and plan the date of the actual transfer. They’ll also ask questions to make sure that they have all the information they need. Make sure that your technical contact for this transfer is present on the call.

Step 3. Homework

Before the transfer, there may be tasks for you to complete to prepare your environment for a successful transfer. Your transfer technician will outline any steps you need to take in your initial meetings, and through the ongoing transfer ticket.

Step 4. Pre-transfer meeting

We’ll meet with you a briefly to confirm that everything is ready for the transfer.

Step 5. The transfer

Using our specially developed tool, we’ll back up your sites and endpoints, create your new Sherweb SentinelOne Account, create the new sites and endpoints, transfer users and settings.

Note that during this process, we will not transfer any SSO users you may have, but we’ll explain how they can be transferred.

Offline or expired endpoints will be skipped. We’ll provide you with a report of these endpoints and instructions on how to prepare them for transfer, if you should decide to do so.

Step 6. Follow-up meeting

We’ll meet one last time to confirm the success of the transfer and to close the ticket.

Step 7. (optional if you have Vigilance)

If you have Vigilance enabled in your old console, your transfer technician will activate it in your new SentinelOne Management Console, following the transfer. Once that is done, you will need to configure it for your Account, and then provision it for sites. You can provision the Vigilance Respond service for customers directly in the Management Console, without SentinelOne support.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to configure Vigilance for your account:
SentinelOne: Self-configuring your Account with Vigilance

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to provision Vigilance for sites:
SentinelOne: Self-provisioning Sites with Vigilance