Client wants to be able to manage backups for other organization users in the M365 Backup Powered by Veeam self-service portal.


Normal users and only manage their own backups.  Administrators that need to access backups for all users need to be a member of the 'DelegatedRestoreOperatorsForM365BackupPoweredByVeeam' group in Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory).

To add users to this group, the client can log into their Microsoft tenant.  Select Microsoft Entra ID and then groups.

Search for the group named 'DelegatedRestoreOperatorsForM365BackupPoweredByVeeam' and click it's link.

Click on Members 

At the top of the next screen is a button to "Add Members".  Add any members to this group that you want to have access to all user backups.