Create orders using the Cloud PBX Wizard


This guide will explain how to use the Cloud PBX Wizard to create a new order, as well as the purpose of each section.



Resolution steps

1. Login to Cumulus at

2. Under the Products Catalog, choose Cloud PBX Wizard and then Start the Wizard.

3. The section (1) is the main plans section. Increase amound of each required product.

  1. If activating the service for the first time, the minimum required plan is a Premium Cloud PBX plan. It provides you with 1 phone number (unlimited local and long distance call within Canada and United States) and the first extension. 
  2. The Standard Cloud PBX plan provides you an extension.
  3. The IPPaaS plans are either Premium or Standard, and depend on the model of the phone chosen. The Standalone plans are when phones are purchased full price, or when phones are already purchased (see section 4).

4. The section (2) is the Telecommunication Fees section. Increase amound of each required product. 

  • A 911 Service Fee is required to be provisioned for each physical address of your business.

5. The section (3) is for any Add-Ons. Toll-free (CA/US or US only), conference room, Courtesy or Shared extensions, etc. Increase amound of each required product.  

Note: Add-on have constrains, depending on their purposes. Courtesy Extension per examples, cannot transfer calls, as it can handle only 1 call at a time. You can mouse-over the add-on name to get more details.

6. The section (4) is for IP phones. You can verify the tech specs for each phone by loading the datasheet when you click on the name of it. Increase amound of each required device.

7. The section (5) is for phone number details, specifications or request. However, the Onboarding Team will see these notes, don't hesitate to add any relevant information for the Onboarding Team.

8. The section (6) & (7) are for the contact details of the person the Onboarding Team will reach out to, as well as the contact and address details of the shipping (when you order devices or other items). This can be edited, this means the Account Administrator could place the order, asking the Onboarding Team to contact the Technical Manager for the organization.


  • The Purchase Order Number field is for your own convenience. It's not mandatory and it's normally used for tracking.
  • The Shipping fees in the Shipping Method can be calculated only if the an address is filled in the profile tab of the Cumulus account, even though the address differs.

9. The section (8) is to review of your order. you can confirm if any product or item is missing, and take notes of the setup fees.

10. Finally, section (9) allows you to review and accept the Cloud PBX Terms and Conditions before confirming your order. Subsequently, an agent from the Onboarding Team will reach out to the contact listed in section 6!


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