How billing works for a Resellers account (Resellers 2013)


This guide shows how billing works for a Reseller 2013 account.


  • Sherweb’s Account Manager (AM) is the portal from where you manage your accounting information (account statements, invoices, billing information, etc.).

Note: Your clients and sub-resellers will not have access to Sherweb’s Account Manager since you have full account ownership.

  • Log in to your Account Manager by entering the username and password you provided during the sign-up process.

How to

Billing Model


We bill you and you in turn bill your customers. You are billed according to the number of licenses or seats (mailboxes, BES, Lync, etc.) that you allocate in your control panel, NOT the actual number provisioned or used by your client.


Proration of licenses and seats


For new organizations, added services and associated units are prorated in the first month in which they are allocated. In any subsequent months that additional units or even different services are allocated, you will be charged in full, regardless of the actual allocation date.


In addition to the above, the proration date will be determined as the date in which you created the organization and not the date in which you officially allocated the services and their associated licenses.


For example, if an organization is created on the 10th of the month but services and their associated licenses are only allocated five (5) days later on the 15th, SherWeb will charge you the prorated amount based on the organizational date of the 10th and not the 15th.


How your bill is determined


Five (5) days before the end of every month, SherWeb will send you a billing preview of your partner account. It is not a bill. It is a preview of the bill that could be issued at the end of the month if you wouldn’t add or remove any items from your account. It gives you a 5-day window in which you can make changes to your account before we actually bill you.


For our Online Backup solution, a weekly snapshot is sent to your attention allowing you to closely monitor your customers’ storage usage.


On the last day of each month (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST), we take a snapshot of your partner account (Exchange, POP3 and forward mailboxes, BlackBerry synchronizations, and SharePoint accounts, etc.) and either bill you for the prorated licenses if the organization was created that month or in full if the organization has already received its first bill.


Licenses or seats that are deleted the day before the snapshot will not be charged. This billing feature allows you to extend free trials to your customers of which the duration depends on when during the month you allocated services.


IMPORTANT: When deleting a user from the control panel, be aware that any previously attached license is ONLY deprovisioned and is STILL allocated for use. That is, if you do not wish to be charged for the license at the end of the month, you must remove it from the available pool of allocated licenses for that organization; otherwise, you are still renting the space and therefore liable to be billed.


How you receive and/or review your bill


All account statements and invoices are sent via email either to the Primary Account holder or the listed Accounting contact. You may view and print them anytime through SherWeb’s Account Manager.


Feel free to contact us for any other questions

Applicable to

All Sherweb 2013 Resellers accounts.