Performance Cloud (Hyper-V) - End of Support => Click here for more information

How to connect to Performance Cloud via Virtual Private Network


This guide will show you how to connect to Performance Cloud via VPN


You must be a Sherweb Performance Cloud client.

You must know your remote endpoint IP of your office

You must know the private IP range of your office local network

You must have administrative rights in the subscription

You must have the Performance Cloud PAYG service checked in the Partner Portal

You must have a router that support the protocol IPsec IKEv2.

You must be able to create a route based VPN (not a policy based VPN).

How to

Step 1, configure the VPN in Performance cloud


The first step will be to configure the VPN on the performance cloud portal. Creating the VPN on the Performance Cloud portal will make the GATEWAY IP ADDRESS available in the dashboard of the virtual network. The GATEWAY IP ADDRESS is the address that needs to be used when configuring the VPN in the client router.


1. Go to the portal and go to your virtual network.


2. Click on the SITE-TO-SITE VPN section.



3. Click on CREATE VPN at the bottom of the portal.



4. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

a. NAME of the VPN


b. VPN DEVICE IP ADDRESS (IP address of the remote endpoint, which is the client router)



c. SHARED KEY (can be anything but needs to be the same on the client router also)

Select the arrow at the bottom to go to the next page configuration page.



5. Enter the IP address space for the client local network at his office (example:



6. Click on the arrow to go to the next configuration page.


7. Leave Unlimited checked and click on the arrow to go to the next configuration page.



8. Leave Unlimited checked and click Finish (check mark) for the Outgoing bandwidth.



9. Wait until the VPN is fully created.



10. Once the VPN is fully created, you will see the VPN enabled in the portal.



Step 2, configure the VPN in the client router

Here are the required setting configuration options to connect to Performance Cloud:

VPN Protocol: IKE v2

Shared KEY: (anything, the one that you have configured)

Lifetime: 28800 sec.

SALifetime: 28800 sec.

Authentication method: PSKOnly

Encryption method: AES256

Integrity check method: SHA1

Cipher transform constants: AES256

PFS Group: 2048

DH group: Group2 or Group14

Phase 2

Protocol: ESP

Encryption: AES-256

Authentication: SHA1

Applicable to

All Sherweb Performance Cloud accounts.