How to Add Domain Aliases in Proofpoint


This article explains the process of adding domain aliases to your Proofpoint account.


You must have a Proofpoint account with Sherweb.

How to

1. To begin the process of adding a new domain, first click the Domains tab under the Account Management tab.


2. Click on the button that says New Domain.



3. Enter the domain name and select Relay from in Domain Purpose field.



4. Fill in the delivery destination with the MX records for the domain. This information can be found in your Control Panel, the Partner Portal or the Office 365 portal. Enter the first MX record in the Delivery Destination box, and the second in the SMTP Failover 1 box.



5. Every domain will need to be verified. Scroll down to Verification Method and select Verify by TXT Record. Copy the value displayed on the screen (i.e. ppe-dbd7b4d4c9927c5f4dee).



6. Click Verify Later.



7. Add the DNS record to your domain using the following steps:


    • Login to your DNS provider's website.

    • Go to your provider's domain management window.

* This may be called “DNS Settings”, “Control Panel”, “Advanced Settings”, or something similar.


    • Add a new entry to your DNS.

            Type = TXT

            Host = @

* "@" Represents a shortcut to the root domain. Keep in mind that the DNS provider may not support the shortcut and you will need to add the root domain. If you have a subdomain, enter your subdomain in place of the @.            

            Value/Answer/Definition = Paste value from clipboard (i.e., "ppe-7c123438b96cd00aa17e")

            TTL = 3600 seconds / 1 hour

Ensure that you save the changes.


8. Verify Domain in Proofpoint Essentials


• Return to Proofpoint Essentials.
• Go to the Domains tab.
• Click on Verify Now.


• Confirm that the verification status value associated with the domain is Verified.


9. Go back to your domain list and turn on the email relay for this domain.


10. When all or the above steps have been completed, and you are ready to start using Proofpoint, please go to the DNS for your domain and point the MX records to:




11. Please contact us if it is your intention to send emails from this domain.


* Changes on the system may take up to 30 minutes to update system wide.

Applicable to

All Proofpoint accounts.