How to log in to the Online Backup portal as an admin user


This guide will explain how to log in to Online Backup portal as an admin user


Online Backup must have been added to your services in the Partner Portal

The admin user must have been activated

How to

If your Online Backup admin user account has already been created and activated, you can log in to the Online Portal to manage your backups and users.


There are two available options when logging in to Online Backup.


Go to, enter the LOGIN name that you were assigned, and your password. Click Sign in.



Log in to the Partner Portal, go to the services tab, and select Manage services. If you have multiple services, choose Online Backup. You will be redirected to the Online Backup portal and will not be required to log in.


If you have any question, please browse our other FAQs, or contact us directly.

Applicable to

Online Backup admin user accounts whose accounts have already been activated