How to allow a user to restore their own backups


This guide explains how to allow a user to restore his or her own backups.


You must be an Online Backup administrative user.

How to

Sometimes you may need to allow Online Backup users to restore their own backups, without your involvement. Here is how you can set a user up so that they can do their own restores. The user you create following the steps below must be a user WITHOUT Administrator rights.


1. Log into the Online Backup portal as an admin user. You can follow this guide to do so.


2. Create an Online Backup user without Admin rights.


3. Ask the user to log in the Online Backup Portal, then download and install the backup agent.


4. The user can then create and run a backup plan.


Allowing a user to create and run their own backup plan also gives them the ability to restore from that backup. It does not remove an administrator’s ability to do so; an admin can intervene at any time and create/restore the backup without the user.


Note: Backup ownership is nontransferable. The user must create the backup: you cannot assign a new user to an existing backup. If the backup was created using the Admin agent (not the user agent), please delete the backup and uninstall the agent. Then have the user download and install the agent and create a new backup.


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Applicable to

All Online Backup users