Sherweb desktop support


This guide explains how to download and set up the QuickSupport remote desktop tool

Applicable to

All Sherweb customers receiving technical support


You must be a Sherweb customer

How to

Sometimes it is more efficient to show your support agent what is going on, instead of trying to describe it.


Follow the steps below if you and your support agent have agreed to a remote session.


If you currently have a version of TeamViewer running on your device, please turn the app off before proceeding.


1. Click the button or link below to download and run the QuickSupport. Alternatively, you can copy/paste the link into your browser and hit enter.


Download TeamViewer QuickSupportDownload TeamViewer


2. Double-click the downloaded file. Select yes if prompted to allow the app to make changes to your device.


3. Read and  accept the Terms or Service. If you choose not to accept, your support agent cannot continue the remote session with you.


4. Supply your support agent with the ID and password displayed on the app


5. When the session is over, feel free to delete the file from your downloads


If you have any question, please browse our other FAQs, or contact us directly.