Performance Cloud VMware - Configure Badges to filter Virtual Machines


It is possible to filter the display of your virtual machines or your vApps on the Performance Cloud VMware portal with badges. One or more of these badges can be configured on your virtual machines or vApps.


Badges can be assigned as desired. Example: To filter by environment: Production, Development, Qualification, Training. There are 5 predefined colors as badges. It is not possible to add new badges or rename existing badges.


  1. Login to the Performance Cloud VMware portal using your credentials.

  2. Select your virtual data center.

  3. To implement one or more badges on vApp, go to Compute, then vApps. To implement one or more badges on a virtual machine, go to Compute, then Virtual Machines.

  4.  On the desired object, click on BADGES.

  5. Select one or more badges and click SAVE.

  6. Badges will appear on your virtual machines and vApps.

    Repeat steps 3-6 for all your virtual machines and virtual applications or "vApp" as needed

  7. To filter the display by badge in the vApps and Virtual Machines sections, click on ADVANCED FILTERING.

  8.  Select the desired badge as the filter option and click OK.

  9. Only objects configured with the chosen badge will be displayed.