You are setting up journaling, and need to know where to find your journaling SMTP mailbox address to proceed.


These are what is required to be able to obtain the journaling SMTP mailbox address. 

  • Reseller or end-user access to the Dropsuite account
  • An archiver subscription
  • User must have been added without admin credentials (Refer to this guide for further information if needed)

Finding the Journaling SMTP Mailbox Address

As retrieving the journaling SMTP mailbox address is different for resellers and end-users, the below will show both methods.

Reseller Path to Follow

This is the path a reseller will need to follow to obtain the journaling mailbox address. Please note that this address will be unique for each Dropsuite tenant subscription.

  1. Login to the reseller portal and select the organizations tab.

  2. Beside the tenant you require the journaling mailbox address for, select the "more" dropdown menu, and then select "View Details".

  3. You will then need to select the journaling tab where the SMTP address will be visible.

End-user path to follow

This is the path an end-user will need to follow to obtain the journal mailbox address.

  1. Login to the end-user portal.

  2. In the top right corner when selecting your user, click on the Journal ID option.

  3. The journal mailbox address will be shown here.