You are needing to migrate backed up or archived emails to a different mailbox destination other than the original mailbox.


To be able to migrate the emails you will need the following:

  • Access to the backup dashboard with one of the following access levels:
    • Full admin
    • IT admin
    • User (Can only migrate their own mailbox data)
    • Group Supervisor (This will only work if the mailbox you are migrating from is within a group you are an admin of)
  • IMAP settings of the destination mailbox
  • Access to the credentials of the destination mailbox

Migrating a Backup or Archive

In this section you will find the steps to complete a migration of archived or backed up data to a different mailbox.

  1. Login to the Dropsuite platform using your access with the proper permission to complete a migration.

  2. Locate the user backup you wish to migrate data from, and then when hovering over this user select the "Migrate" option.

  3. Next, select the date range you wish to migrate to a different mailbox.

  4. Next, select the destination mailbox, in this case there are 3 scenarios:
    Migrating to another email which is already backed up in the Dropsuite platform.
    1. With the option to migrate the emails to an existing backed up account. select which account to migrate the contents to under "Existing Account". As an example:
    2. If selecting this option, once you have select the mailbox and clicked "Start Migrate" the migration will then commence.
    Migrating to a Microsoft 365 or Gmail account which is not backed up in the Dropsuite platform.
    1. For this situation, select the "Gmail Account" or "M365 - Single Email Account" option that applies to the destination mailbox.
    2. You will then be prompted to sign in to the chosen platform with the login credentials of the destination mailbox.
    3. After you have logged in you will then be able to select the "Start Migrate" option. The migration will then commence.
    Migrating to an account that is not M365 or Gmail.
    1. If selecting the "Other Email" this would be for any options not seen in the dropdown, this would also include Microsoft Exchange.
    2. For this option you will need to enter the destination email's username and password, as well as the IMAP settings. If you are unsure of the IMAP settings, you will need to contact your service provider to obtain these details.
    3. Once complete, click "Start Migrate" and the migration will then commence.

  5. Once the "Start Migrate" option has been selected in whichever scenario you choose you will then be able to check the status of the migration by hovering on the "SYSTEM STATUS" tab and selecting "Migrates". Also seen here:

Important Mentions

Important things to note when doing migrations:

  • It is also possible to migrate multiple email archives to a single email account.
  • The date and time of the emails being migrated will be preserved in the destination account.
  • The way that sub-folders will be distributed in the destination mailbox is as followed:
    • If both the original mailbox and the destination mailbox are using the IMAP protocol, the emails will be distributed into sub-folders
    • If the original mailbox is using the IMAP protocol and the destination mailbox is using POP, all emails will be migrated into the inbox folder.