You are needing to enforce single sign-on for all users who have had their login enabled to the Dropsuite platform so that they will need to log in using their O365 credentials.


These are the requirements to be able to enforce single sign-on:

  • One of the following accesses to the Dropsuite platform
    • Full Admin
    • IT Admin

Enforcing SSO for Users

This section will explain how to enforce single sign-on for users as long as their login status is enabled. This will allow them to log in using their O365 credentials rather than having to keep separate credentials to log into the Dropsuite platform.

  1. Select your user in the the top right corner of the dashboard, and then "User Management".

  2. You will then select "Grant Permission".

  3. Make sure that all users you wish to be able to log into the Dropsuite platform have their login status enabled.

  4. Next, on the right hand side of the screen, toggle the option to "Enforce Azure SSO Log In".
  5. Lastly, you will need to select "Continue" to complete the process.

Important Mentions

Additional details that pertain to the SSO feature.

  • If at any point in time you no longer want users to have to log in using SSO, the same path can be followed to disable the "Enforce Azure SSO Log In" option.