You have created a saved eDiscovery search, and would like to be notified in the future if any emails match the criteria defined in the saved search.


These are the requirements to be able to enable alerts: 

  • One of the following Dropsuite accesses:
    • Full Admin
    • Group Supervisor (This will only work for emails from individuals in the group they are an admin of)
    • IT Admin

Enabling Alerts for Saved Searches

This section will explain how to enable alerts for eDiscovery searches you have previously created. If they are not already created, you will need to follow the steps to create a search here.

  1. In the backup dashboard, hover over the compliance tab and select "Alert".

  2. On the next page, locate the search that you would like to enable alerts for and toggle the off button to "ON".

  3. Once this is enabled, every time an email that matches the criteria from the search is found, it will notify the admin by email.

Important Mentions

Important things to note regarding alerts.

  • Alert notifications will be sent out once a day.