UserVoice – How to leave feedback 


This guide will explain how to leave feedback on the Sherweb UserVoice Site 



You must be a client of any Sherweb products.

How to 

  1. 1.    Firstclick on this link to access the site: 


  1. 2.    You will need to sign into your account or create a new account if you do not already have an account on that site. Whether or not you have an account already, click on "sign in". 


  1. 3.    Then, either enter your credentials to log in or click on create an account. 


  1. 4.    When creating a new account, first enter your email address and click on verify email. 



  1. 5.    Then, there will be a prompt telling you to verify if you received the email. 


  1. 6.    Locate the email from UserVoice and Click on the blue button. 

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  1. 7.    You will then be prompted to set your password. 


  1. 8.    Once that is done, go back to sign in with your credentials. 

  1. 9.    You can now search for products or choose one of the categories of products and look if your feedback has already been created by another user or leave new feedback regarding that product. 





Applicable to 

UserVoice, Feedback, Commentary, Suggestion, Improvement