Performance Cloud VMware (NSX-T) migration checklists


Here are checklists to help you with the migration from Performance Cloud (VMware) to Performance Cloud VMware (NSX-T).

Before the migration

- Have a list of applications and a list of tests to do for each of them.

- Have an inventory of the backup jobs and configuration parameters.

- Have an inventory of the firewall rules to review.

- Make sure the list of contacts in your account management portal Cumulus is up-to-date.

- If a virtual firewall, also named Network Virtual Appliance (NVA), is in place behind the Edge Gateway to manage your network, please make sure to authorise the traffic in that NVA for the following IP addresses:,

During the migration

- It may be preferable to pause any monitoring software at the start of the maintenance window and to resume it once you have confirmation the maintenance is completed.

After the migration

- Validate outgoing Internet connectivity, firewall and NAT rules.

- Test server roles, accessible services, and applications for remote users (including but not limited to Remote Desktop Services and Web Services).

- Test Site-to-Site VPN tunnels connectivity (if applicable).

- Validate backup jobs are running properly with desired objects.

- To restore a virtual machine from a restore point created before the migration, you must choose to restore to a new location.