Important notes about Veeam Cloud Connect and maintenance performed by Sherweb

Systems and infrastructure maintenance is essential for many reasons, like performance improvement, regulatory compliance, software and operating system (OS) updates.

However, the maintenance of Veeam Cloud Connect can cause ungraceful stops of backup jobs with Veeam Cloud Connect repositories.

An ungraceful stop of backup jobs can potentially lead to issues with backup chains. If this happens, trying to restore from a backup having a broken chain can return the following error: “Backup files are unavailable” or “restore chain is corrupted”. In other words, ungraceful stops of backup jobs can affect backup data availability and can potentially prevent some restore operations.

Prior to every maintenance of Veeam Cloud Connect’s infrastructure, it is strongly recommended to stop and disable backup jobs aiming to Veeam Cloud Connect repositories. This way, it will prevent an ungraceful stop of backup jobs.