Thank you for choosing Managed Teams Voice. MTV is a collaboration between two systems: Microsoft Teams and Sherweb's Cloud PBX. Since setting up MTV is more complicated than simply creating licenses and assigning them to user, a good deal of manual work is involved. This is where our Onboarding team comes in. Our experienced technicians will complete the setup for you, ensuring that you can make the best use of Managed Teams Voice.


Once you or your Sales representative have added Managed Teams Voice to your Cumulus products, an internal ticket will be created and one of our Onboarding technicians will contact you.

To prepare your Onboarding, your integration technician will give you some homework to do that will provide information and the consents necessary for the integration team up set up the service:

  • A spreadsheet to fill out (User names, extension numbers, groups, call routing, etc.)
  • A network test to perform (To verify that your network is robust enough)
  • Items relating to telephone number porting
  • A 911 consent form to sign (a legal requirement)
    • One consent form per physical location
      • Ex: If there are two offices and three individuals working from home, five consent forms will be required.
    • The 911 service is invoiced per location - your onboarding agent will add a 911 offer to your billing for each physical location. 

Why is it important to fill out the Onboarding Excel Spreadsheet properly?

Your onboarding technician will build the service according to the information provided in the spreadsheet. Any missing sections will add delays to the delivery of your service. Any contradicting information provided in the spreadsheet may result in a misconfiguration of the service, requiring adjustments and causing delays.


Once the onboarding technician has finished building the service in the Microsoft Teams admin center, they will ask your users to log out and log back in to each of their devices, including mobiles, if applicable. You can also expect a propagation time from the Microsoft side of up to 24 hours. Once triggered, the dial pad will be displayed under the call tab. The users can then make and receive calls to/from the PSTN. 


The onboarding technician will provide temporary test numbers, giving you the ability to test incoming and outgoing calls, transfers, hold, conference, call queue(s), auto attendant(s), etc. This will ensure that everything is configured as desired, before asking your current provider to transfer incoming calls to Sherweb's temporary number(s). 

Telephone number(s) port-in

Now that your incoming calls are forwarded and arriving to your new Managed Teams Voice service, you can use it normally. The number port-in is seamless, so it should go ahead unnoticed by you and your users.

A local number port-in can take 6 to 10 business days from the day the onboarding technician submit the request (if the information provided in the port-in form is accurate).

A toll-free number port-in can take 10 to 14 business days from the day the onboarding technician submit the request (if the information provided in the port-in form is accurate).

Should I expect service interruption?

If you have tested the service, confirmed incoming and outgoing calls work as desired, and the temporary numbers are in use, there is no reason to expect that a service disruption will occur.

How do I contact Support?

For any support-replated needs, including modifications to your Managed Teams Voice configuration, please create a ticket by writing to Please do not reach out to Microsoft directly.