If you have worked with us to enable Proofpoint in the past (prior to June 2024) you will notice that we have made significant improvements to how we onboard and provision the service. These changes allow you far greater control over your Proofpoint instances.

  • As a partner, you will now have full access to your customers' accounts.
  • Improved integration between Proofpoint and Partner Portal means that you now have full control over the provisioning of your accounts.
  • Provisioning of Proofpoint with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace will no longer be performed by our technical team: you will have complete control. You can find step-by-step guides below. Note that you must be logged in to the portal to access these links.

    Microsoft 365 Provisioning
    Google Workspace Provisioning

    Sherweb's Hosted Exchange provisioning, our support team will contact you as part of the onboarding process.

Getting Started with Proofpoint

Thank you for choosing Sherweb as your trusted Proofpoint Email Protection provider! As a powerful email gateway solution, Proofpoint Email Protection offers robust security features to safeguard your organization’s communication. Deployed in the cloud and using multi-layered, Ai-powered threat detection, it effectively detects and blocks both known and unknown threats that others might miss.

To get started with Proofpoint, you can access the guide by logging in to the portal, clicking the ‘?’ icon and choosing Help Documentation.


You will be redirected to the knowledgebase where you can search for relevant topics.


Below are some helpful links to get you started. Note that you must be logged in to the portal to access these links. Please use the login information and URL provided to you in your onboarding email.

Getting Started Guide for Customer Administrators

Getting Started Guide for Partner Administrators

Product Documentation

Managing Licenses and Subscriptions

Additional Resources

Can I transfer my current Proofpoint licenses to Sherweb?

Yes. If you would like to transfer your current Proofpoint business to Sherweb, please contact your Sherweb Sales representative.

How will licenses be billed?

Read about billing here.

Are free trials available?

Yes, there are two types of trials.

New licenses

When first selecting a license for an organization, you can choose a 30-day trial mode, which will expire if not converted to a paid vesion before the trial ends. This is done in the Proofpoint portal. 

Upgrades of existing licenses

An 30-day trial of a higher tier can be assigned to any existing license, while continuing to pay the fee for the lesser tier. If not converted to the paid version before the 30-day trial expires, the license will revert back to the lesser version.

How do I contact support?

As with all our products, please visit our support site, or contact us via email, chat or phone. Please do not reach out to Proofpoint directly.