You do not have access to the mail platform backup, but would like to have a mailbox backed up or you only have access to an archiving subscription.


Below is a list of all requirements to be able to add a user to the Dropsuite platform who has an archiving license, or without admin credentials.

  • Access to the credentials of the user to add

Adding a Mailbox for Backup

Below is the process to add an account for backup without admin credentials or for archiving users. If you are using an archiving subscription, this will be the only method that can be used to add users.

  1. Select the "Add Backup" option in the end-user platform.

  2. Select the platform that corresponds to your situation, in this case we are using Google Workspace.

  3. You will now be redirected to the 0AUTH page where you can enter the users email and password.

  4. Accept the permissions and then click on the "Start Backup" option.

Once this has been completed, as long as the credentials entered were correct, the email account will then be added to the account, and scheduled for backup.