You are needing to delete a mailbox for users who are using backup only subscriptions.


These are the requirements to be able to delete a mailbox:

  • One of the following Dropsuite platform accesses:
    •  Full Admin
    • Group Supervisor (For users in the groups they are an admin of)
    • IT Admin

Deleting a Mailbox

This section will explain how to delete a backed up mailbox. 

  1. Log into the Dropsuite platform using the proper access level.

  2. On the dashboard, locate the user who you wish to delete their mailbox from the backup platform.

  3. Hover over their user and select "More".

  4. In the dropdown menu, select "Delete".

  5. In the next window, read the disclaimer and select "Yes, Continue".

  6. You can now also verify under "Usage" on the dashboard that there is an available seat (license) available.
    After deleting a mailbox:

Important Mentions

Important things to note when deleting a mailbox:

  • After deleting a mailbox, it will not be possible to retrieve any of the data that was previously backed up.
  • If when hovering over the user and selecting "More" you only have the option to deactivate the mailbox, this would mean that you are using an archiving subscription. For more information on deactivating a mailbox, please refer to this document.